Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
Blue Peacock Neck Feather. The fantastic blue colour of these flies
is not reproducible with any natural or synthetic material.
Feathers come 10 - 12 per package.
$2.25 per package
Green Peacock Feather. The same attractive qualities of the blue
feathers, only a bit shorter and green. Excellent for cheeks.
Feathers come 10 -12 per package.
$2.25 per package
12 inch Peacock Quill. A very hard to
come by feather ..... Excellent for creating
very unique wings on tubes.
$8.25 per 2 quills
Peacock Sword. A fantastic
addition to any pattern!
$4.25 for 3 swords
Blue Peacock Body Feather. Larger than the Blue neck feathers,
these plumes are fantastic for collars. Feathers come 10 -12 per
$2.25 per package
Dyed Colours coming
All three body feathers