Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
Wiggle Tube
We have been developing an extremely flexible tube that has an unbelievable
lifelike movement in the water. Our new Wiggle Tube is perfect for making any
pattern that requires movement while in the current. Often used for leech
imitations or snake flies, these tubes allow one to have an extremely long body
that moves with the hook.
Order your Wiggle Tube Assortment Today!
Some of our Wiggle Tube flies...............
......or order by the 6 inch length!
$0.99 for a 6 inch length
Tying on Wiggle Tube is as easy as one, two three..............
Insert either a Tapered Tube or Inside
Liner Tube into the front of the wiggle
tube. This will allow you to tie onto the
front of the fly without compressing
the soft Wiggle Tube down and
making it impossible to get off of your
Tie on your material. We usually
stick with either marabou or long  
flowing fibers such as Buffalo or
Icelandic Sheep Hair. We make
them as long as we can to
accentuate the lifelike
movement of the Wiggle Tube.
Wiggle Tube Kit - ten 6 inch peices plus a length of liner tube and 10 tapered tubes - $8.49
Tube, there is no need for junction tubing.
The flexible qualities of this tube allows a
hook to squeeze perfectly in the back of
the pattern. We like to add a trailing hook
that is dressed, this can make a pattern
up to six inches long!