Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
This new Speckled Scandinavian tube is remarkable! When extruded a
large amount of glitter is added directly into the hot plastic. This makes
a tube that is a bit bumpy to the feel but has the great attribute of never
losing the glitter. Many tyers are now using this tubing to make some
fantastic looking bodies on their tube flies!
Scandinavian Speckled Tube Assortment - Large - Speckled - 15 , 8 inch pieces - $8.99
Chartreuse & Gold
Green & Silver
Orange & Gold
Translucent / Gold
Blue & Silver
Eight inch lengths. $0.79
Translucent / B & S
Translucent / B & G
Translucent & Pearl
Red & Black
Silver & Black
Gold & Black
Or order your own colours in 8 inch sections for $0.79
Just like the
large diameter
Scandy tubing,
the small size
fits perfectly in
the Speckled
tubing. You can
see too that you
can either use
Junction Tube or
slip most hooks
right into the
Speckled tubing.
Order your Speckled Scandinavian Plastic Tube Assortment Today!
Scandinavian Speckled Tube
Pink / Silver