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Plastic Liner Tube
Our Inside Liner tube has many applications. Not only is it used to line Juri Shumakov
Tubes, it's also the lining we use in our Micro Metal Tubes. This small diameter, rigid tubing
is translucent and can also be used on its own for small pattern that require a slim profile.
One of its best attributes is that it burns so nicely. When you put it to an open flame it
slowly curls up on itself making a fantastic lip that holds its shape without discoloring.
pattern. Also, because of its small diameter you can use many "regular" cones and beads that
are much cheaper than cones designed for beads.
Inside lining tube for adding cones and beads $1.89 for 10 inch section
Used to line Micro Metal Tubes and Shumakov Tubes
Liner Tube can be extended outside of our Micro Brass Tube
allowing you to create a pattern with a smaller head.
Extending Liner Tube will allow you to add beds and cones
to your patterns with ease.
Once you have added the cone or bead, all you need to do is trim and put the Liner
Tube next to a flame. A nice ridge will form that will hold your cone or bead securely.
We also use Liner Tube to add a solid inner tube that can be combined with our Wiggle Tube. The
liner fits snuggly, without glue or Zap a Gap. Simply trim and burn the finished head.
Liner Tube also fits snuggly into our Flex Tube. Again, no glue or
Zap a Gap needed.
Plastic Liner Tube Kit - 10, 5 inch sections plus small junction tube - $6.49
......or order by the 10 inch length!
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