Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
Hybrid Tubes
Juri Shumakov Long Range Tubes
Hybrid Tubes are tubes that are made up of both metal and plastic
components where the tying is (usually) done on the plastic portion of the
liner tube, in front of the metal "outer" tube. The late Juri Shumakov was
the first tube tyer to pioneer this idea of incorporating plastic and metal
in order to achieve better balance in his flies.

If you do an Internet search for "TUBE FLY SYSTEMS" you will see that
there are several companies now selling hybrid tubes as complete systems,
simplifying into three or four basic components that fit together like a
glove. We have decided to take a different approach to tube tying, putting
the creativity back into tubes!

All of our tubes listed here work on the same plastic liner tube. The metal