Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
meet the needs of tube fly fishermen. Our custom extruded FlexTube has arrived.! FlexTube
comes in a wide range of colours, both bright and transparent to really add life to the body of
your fly. Yuri Shumakov wrote an interesting
article in Rackelhanen a while back about the
transparent qualities of coloured's worth a read. This wonderful new tube is unique
for five reasons.

It is softer so your plastic flies do not need a junction tube. Most hooks will fit into the end of
the actual pattern you create.

A smaller tube can be inserted in to the front of your pattern. This allows you to easily add
your favourite bead or cone head.

FlexTube can be used as junction tube for  
Bottle , Shumakov and Tapered Tubes. Endless
colour  combinations to give the back of your pattern that extra kick.

FlexTube can be combined with
Bottle tubes to make fantastic patterns that are well balanced
with the hook at the back and the
Bottle Tube at the front.

With FlexTube, one can easily melt a "lip" on both ends of the pattern. Just twisting the tube
next to an open flame will  allow you to create the ridge that will keep your materials more
securely on the tube. FlexTube will not discolour when melted.
Soft FlexTube
Twelve inch lengths. $1.99
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Some of our Flex Tube flies...............
Transparent Flex Tube Assortment Pack - 6, 10 inch lengths of transparent tube - $8.99
Solid Colour Flex Tube Assortment Pack - 6, 10 inch lengths of tube - $8.99