Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
Storage System III
The storage section comes with removable partitions so they
can be used to either carry large tube flies or split to carry
hooks or junction tubing. These great boxes come complete
with a sealing gasket that keeps everything inside 100%
water proof. The clasp shuts the box tight, even if you drop it
on the rocks!
These boxes come complete with a ripple foam section
that can either hold traditional hooked patterns or can
be combined with our stainless steel pin kits to insert
tubes. The flap that hold the goods in place is spring
loaded to really hold the doors shut. The pin that
secures the box is made of stainless steel to avoid that
old fishermens friend, rust!
Tube fly fishermen have been debating for years about the best way to
store their tube fly creations. Some like to go "old school" and use
compartment boxes where as others go "really old school" and use Zipper
Bags! We've had a great deal of positive feedback with our stainless steel
pin kits that secure tubes into any foam fly box. The C.T.F.C. Storage
System III brings the compartment box together with a traditional ripple
foam box that can be used for both tubes and standard fly patterns. This
box is unique in that it can be used for all of your flies and leaves the
option of how to stuff your box up to you!
CTFC System III Tube Fly Box plus stainless Steel Pin Kit


CTFC System III Tube Fly Box