The Canadian Tube Fly Company
T's Swim Tank from Tube Fly Tech
Finally a swim tank with a 360 degree view!

Tony DiBenedetto (the originator of
T's Fur) has developed a tank that truly serves the
purpose of seeing how a tube fly swims in the current. A very scientific process was
applied to the development of this tank, all with
hook hang down in mind.

Most fly fishermen are happy to test the action of their flies on actual fishing waters,
tube flies though provide a much more challenging issue. How many of us have even
tested our patterns in a flowing bath tub? Without the proper balance on a tube, fish
takes can be missed. With this new tank, balance can be tested and pattens can be
re-worked until balance is achieved. The design of this tank allows one to see the action
of a fly from all directions, including the all to often missed "fish eye view" which is
from the rear. Most test tanks allow a side view with a pump that only circulates at one
standard speed. T's Swim Tank allows one to change the flow of the current, complete
with a fully adjustable flow setting.

T's swim tank takes the guess work out of balancing a tube and puts the control into
the tyers hands. For all those who are looking for a way to perfectly "tweak" their
favourite flies, the swim tank is a must!

For more information, contact Tony DiBenedetto directly through his fantastic new site
All photos courtesy of
Tony DiBenedetto,  John Nagy and
Made with durable acrylic that gives
you a 360 degree view of your fly.
The inventor testing another tube at a
recent trade show.
Our favourite, the "fish eye view"