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Jungle Cock Spades

$5.99 per package

Jungle Cock  Spades
Jungle Cock Spades. 10 nicely
coloured spade feathers.
A long forgotten feather because of the popularity of the Jungle Cock "eye" plume.
On the Jungle Cock Cape, usually the front half (or so) are the much desired eyes,
the feathers that are famously used on so many classic salmon flies. The rear half
of the cape is made up of the spade feathers. Beautiful plumes that have the
distinctive white borders and white strip running down the center. They have
historically been used on very classic streamer patterns as "cheeks". Many tube
tyers are now using them as cheeks on tubes for steelhead as well as salt water
patterns. We often use them with the Jungle Cock eyes to make a stunning
"cheek" to our tubes!
Available in 5 stunning