Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
Gray Heron
The ORIGINAL spey feather (other than the extinct Spey Cock). If you have tied with
Heron substitutes like Rhea or Blue Eared Pheasant, you will quickly notice how much
better the original is.

We are very happy to have found not only one, but two different species of heron feathers.
Our heron that we have been offering to tyers over the past few years has easily been our
best selling plume. We know that our new Gray Heron will be a hit too. It has the same
great look as our
regular heron but it is even bigger, perfect for tubes and larger hooks.
Many of the Extra Large Grey Heron feathers measure
over 10 inches in total length!
$8.95 per package of five EXTRA LARGE plumes
$33.95 per super package of twenty Extra Large Gray Heron plumes
The Extra Large Gray Heron is so big that you can palmer a three inch long tube (above)
from the back , all the way to the front, and still have enough for a few wraps at the
collar. The three inch of tube covered was tied with only one of these fantastic plumes!
Tied with one
Our Regular Heron
Large - 5-8 inches
Click here to see our free tying videos using
Grey Heron XL
Extra Large -
8-10 inches long!
$5.95 per package of five LARGE plumes
$22.95 per super package of twenty Large Gray Heron plumes
The Heron feathers we
offer come from a bird
within the Heron family
that is very plentiful in
the world.

They are not listed on the
Migratory Birds  
Conventions Act  
(Canada) and are legal  to
purchase and posses  
under Canadian law.

Gray Heron is also not on
(Convention on
International Trade in
Endangered Species).  
Under International law
they are  completely  legal
to import.
We have sent these
feathers to customers in
over 25  different

Unfortunately though, the
Gray Heron is protected in
the United States under
The Migratory Bird
Treaty Act (USA).

Because of this our Gray
Heron is not available to
our US friends.
Royal Purple
Silver Doctor Blue
Natural Grey
Fuschia - NEW!
Gold - NEW!
Dark Claret
These Beautiful feathers come in two differfent sizes of plumes. The Extra
Large and Large. We have also made them available in regular packs of 5
feathers or super packs of 20 feathers.