Adipos Flytying
Since 1988
Egret Large Tapered Needles
We specifically designed our Egret Tapered Needles to hold onto the larger
diameter tubes. These Needles are perfect in that they grab on to the tube and
prevent all slippage because of their gradual tapers. Best of all we engineered
these to have blunt points at the end. No more bleeding fingers!
Large Tapered Needle Kit

$9.99 for 4 needles in 4 different taper lengths

These needles are exactly what you are after to
hold onto our
large diameter Scandinavian
Tubing (including our Speckled Scandy
Tubing, our GITD Scandy Tubing, and our Flec
Scandy Tubing) as well as anything using our
three types of regular Plastic Tubing (
Plastic Tubing, Rigid Plastic Tubing and Rigid
Plastic Tubing). They also work on any tubing
that is lined with our
plastic tubing including
large diameter metal tubes as well as our
extra long stainless steel tubing.
The best part is that the Egret tapered needles
allow you to use any standard vise to tie tubes.
No longer is there need for an expensive tube
tying vise or even a tube vise adapter!
Large diameter Scandinavian Plastic Tubing
Large diameter Scandinavian Plastic Tubing
Large diameter Metal Tubing
Large diameter - EL Stainless Steel Tubing
Best of all our Egret needle kits are sold in kits of four
needles with four different taper lengths. This gives you
even more control over your tube tying. Short tubes, long
tubes..... the control is in your hands!